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From air sealing to waterproofing, We handle it all! 

 New York State Foam & Energy has been a leader in our market place when it comes to basement solutions. With over 23 years of experience we KNOW basements!


Did you know one of the leading causes of cold floors is attributed to under insulated rim joists?

Do you have cold or drafty floors?

Does your basement have an odor?

Do you have damp walls?

Water pooling on the slab?

Has your current waterproofing system ever let you down?

Are you considering finishing your basement?

Are there any cracks forming on your foundation walls?


If the answer is Yes to any of the above questions you should consider calling us today!


If your basement is leaking water, you should contact  New York State Foam & Energy, LLC. We have  25 years of experience of solving troubling basement leaks.
We provide top quality work at very competitive prices. Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. We can help answer any of your questions.


Our Waterproofing Involves:


  • gravity to daylight discharge
  • Sealing foundation cracks permanently
  • Spray coating foundation walls
  • Installing a tile system around the footing of your walls


(A Tile system collects water and drains it to a sump pit whrere Water is collected from the walls and floors are then pumped out.

 We enjoy a great reputation among our customers, and are confident you’ll be happy with our service. Call us today to schedule your free quotes.






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*Current Offer is for homes valued at $250.000 or under.
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